Coastline with windmills

Wind turbines

One thing that people notice when visiting Aruba is the constant trade winds this island enjoys. It truly is an enjoyment, otherwise it would be unbearably hot. Trade winds have an average of 20 miles per hour (32 kilometer per hour).

When tourists learn that Aruba’s energy is generated using oil products (diesel) the typical question is: why aren’t you guys using renewable energy? It’s a long story that I won’t address it here (sorry) but I’m happy to report that for the last few months (since December 2009) 10 wind turbines have been generating power, an average of 20% of Aruba’s energy needs.

If you decide to explore the northern coast, near the National Park or going to Baby Beach in St. Nicolas you will see them in action. Those things are huge, the biggest in the Caribbean. It’s a start.

PS. To see a larger picture with a slightly better view of the windmills view the original picture on Flickr.

Coastline near Natural Pool

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