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Condominium Oceania Residences Aruba

The first wave of tourism in Aruba started with the construction of the first hotel, Aruba Caribbean Hotel & Casino (this building is operated by Radisson Aruba now), almost 50 years ago. The second wave was the introduction of timeshare units in the early 90’s and now the latest one is the construction of condominiums.

In recent posts I wrote about the rise of these new condo’s. I expressed specific criticism about the size of certain projects, the lack of information and planning by officials. I do want corner the tone in this post by commenting on the positive.

In my opinion the project that separate themselves from the competition is Oceania Residences Aruba at Eagle Beach. Architecturally and esthetically this project is sound. They capture the essence of what needs to be captured. A building that has 5 storey’s offers a more relaxed environment then a high rise, add some nice landscaping to create a Caribbean atmosphere by the beach and you’re in business. It’s like an oasis in the desert.

Currently Oceania has two phases almost finished and started with the other three phases. Sales of the condo’s seems to be going well too for a sum starting just over $300,000 for the smallest units. The first two phases are (almost) sold out and from what I could count on their website, phases 3, 4 and 5 are nearly 85% sold.

Not many buyers are using the place yet, it is still very quiet there. The pool area and the beach seems to be empty every time I pass by the building. I’m going to request a tour there soon to have a better look on things and be able to comment about it more intelligently. Maybe I could get some insider to share with you.

By Gabriel

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Hello, what’s the latest on these condos? We’re thinking of renting one in early March (it’s in Oceania 2), but are concerned about noise and other construction impacts… thanks!

Hi Vivian, thank you for leaving a comment, I always appreciate that.

I understand your concern. Fact of the matter is that they won’t finish the neighboring construction by early March. However, I haven’t really noticed any significant noise when I “do my rounds” by Oceania. Construction is only during “office hours”, which means that by 5 or 6 they will finished for the day.

You know what? I will take it upon myself to dig a little deeper into the matter. One of these days, when I take my family to Eagle Beach, I’ll investigate.

Great! Your website is very helpful and thanks for offering to check on the situation at Oceania. We’re looking at the 1st week of March in Oceania 2 in a condo unit facing the beach.

We’re a group of 5-8 people, so we’d prefer to rent a condo/villa and would prefer beachfront (probably Eagle or Palm) with 3-4 bedrooms. We’ve searched &…but let me know if you have other suggestions for rentals. Also let me know if you’d prefer that I email you directly instead of posting. Thanks!

Hi there again Vivian. Thank you for the complement. This is one of the reasons I started this website, to help people like you in search for accommodations.

Many times you can get great deals online; however I could call Oceania and ask for an offer (and availability) for your group. This way you could pick the better offer.

Additionally I could ask them for a tour of the unit. If they grant me permission I could even take some pictures of the actual room and make a post out of it.

The best beach front condos are at Eagle Beach. There are only ocean front resorts at Palm Beach.

Thanks for stopping by. You can use this medium to contact me again, however if you have a more specific question, or you want me to search for specific service (airport transfer?) you can contact me at:

If you contact me on that mail I will receive it on my Blackberry. This way I could reply your mail promptly.

Thanks for the suggestion & offer! We went ahead and booked a room we found at Oceania since it’s one of the only options large enough for our group. The owner had pictures of the room on their website, so that was helpful.

I believe we’re in Phase 1, so we should be further away from the construction. As we get closer to the trip date, we’ll likely have more questions and will surf your website for suggestions. Now that we have flights & a room, we’re going to relax for a while. šŸ™‚

Hi Vivian, I’m happy to learn that your booking went well and also that you could see some pictures of the place.

If you have any additional questions, you know where to find me.

By the way I would really appreciate if you could give some feed back after your vacation on the accommodations at Oceania.

Have a great vacation.

Can you give some updated info on The Oceania. How do the locals feel about the complex. It looks like construction Has really slowed down. They are offering resale in the completed units at close to the pre construction prices. Is tourism slowdown in Aruba effecting this project? Love you website. Great info.

I can’t really speak to how locals feel about it, but if you want to get a better idea, you could try renting a room from vacation rental websites like Eagle Beach was pretty empty most of the time, but we were able to catch a kids soccer practice one day. The road separating the condos from the beach also seemed to be a stop for drag racing in the evenings (just saw/heard it one of the evenings when we were there and then they moved on).

When we were there in the spring of 2008. There was daily construction at the time, but it wasn’t too bad. We had a view of the pool/ocean and could only see the construction when we were walking to the parking lot.

We really enjoyed our stay there. The grounds are well maintained, the security staff is friendly, and it’s right across the street from Eagle Beach. We also liked being able to walk to local restaurants, especially the Screaming Eagle that is just a block away.

Thanks Gabriel for this site!

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