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Construction Update Ritz-Carlton

Construction efforts of Ritz-Carlton is underway. Right now the Venezuelan developer is concentrating with the surrounding infrastructure and the foundation of the resort.

The development is bigger than I thought as it takes more than a block. It’s so big that they have to rebuild the road to make room for parking space and other secondary space they might need.

Construction Ritz Carlton
Construction efforts Ritz-Carlton Aruba, with Marriott in the backdrop

As I’ve written in the past this construction isn’t without controversy. Not everybody is happy to see it come . I won’t address this here, as I’ve written about it in the past. Most opposition seem to have died down, except for a couple of environmental groups.

Construction Ritz Carlton
Road is being detoured for Ritz-Carlton

Construction Ritz Carlton
Detour of main road to lighthouse due to Ritz-Carlton construction

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8 replies on “Construction Update Ritz-Carlton”

I want to stay at the marriott stellaris casino hotel at the beginning of feb 2011 Do you think construction next door at this time will be noisy and a nuisance? or will they just be doing gound preparation? I like the property and the rates but do not want to suffer for eight days. Thanks for your help

It’s difficult for me to make that call by February 2011. The construction is in first phases and right now they are busy with the ground preparation. Whether this is going to be the case by February, I don’t know. I suggest you check back later, somewhere in January to see where things are at that point. Fact is you’ll never hear a straight answer from the developers or neighboring resorts in the fear of loosing business.

Having said that, hotels are well aware of noise levels and they generally try everything to prevent any inconvenience to the guests.

Has construction of the Ritz-Carlton satrted above ground yet? I will be windsurfing at the Hut’s in May and was wondering if the wind at Vela is going to be screened by the consruction.

Currently the infrastructure of the main road is being taken care off and the preparation work for the construction of the foundation. I haven’t noticed any disruption with with the water sport service providers. A lot of people are still surfing the area. I don’t think from now (January) to May there will be major changes either, so I’m guessing you’re wind surfing is safe. Thank you for commenting.

Dear Gabriel,
Is anything being done at Acqua condo? Received final purchase agreement. Very leary about signing. Any advice?

Mary Ann, I’ve been an observer of this project for many years and I’m not comfortable endorsing it. There has been to many “things” going on that has impacted my opinion negatively. The delays alone (regardless the reasons) is a cause for concern.

On the flip side the construction is ongoing and as such (thus far) they are in business. Officially there’s nothing the matter with the project and people are buying there.

Like I said previously, make sure you know what’s in the agreement, especially in case the developer cannot deliver and learn about the penalty which results afterwards. Also find out about the clause in case the developer defaults. You don’t need an attorney or be one to read that. I assume the agreement is in English so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Even though I don’t endorse Acqua right now (who am I?), I don’t believe that I have the complete story either. I don’t have access to the books and don’t know exactly what’s going on internally. Judge Acqua on their merits (for your own) and just take my words as a guidance, nothing more.

I wish I could help you further. Good luck.

Have you heard anything on the old Aruba Millenium? I saw they started taking it down to renovate and have heard all work is stopped. Can you find out anything for me?

Donna indeed you are right. I can confirm that the renovation started months ago but has has stopped for at least three months now. I don’t see any indication that the renovation will resume any time soon. Aruba Millenium was purchased last year by Venezuelan investors. Thank you for your comment.

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