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Coral Pyramid Luxury Apartments Construction

I drive by Coral Pyramid every day and see the progress they are making. There’s still a lot of work to be done there. This project was scheduled to be finished somewhere in March/April 2010. Currently they are fixing the curb.

Construction projects in Aruba tend to miss deadlines for a wide range of reasons. Coral Pyramid is no exception to this rule. The reason exactly why it fell behind I don’t know, but rest assured that this project is very well funded and will be completed.

Natural Scenery Aruba
Coral Pyramid: only tall building in the area

Coral Pyramid is a five story project with on each floor one city apartment. This high-end project is supposed to resemble an upside down pyramid, with sheets of coral on the outer walls. For Aruba-standards this is a innovative concept including some cutting edge features and fixtures.

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