Coral Steps At Malmok Beach

People who visit this island stay mostly at a Palm Beach resort. One thing they soon notice is that the beach there is great but it’s awful to snorkel. Palm Beach is mostly shallow and clean, which means that there won’t be a lot of fish.

An area relatively close to the high rise resort at Palm Beach to have a better snorkeling experience is Malmok Beach. This is the naming of the strip of sea/beach that starts after Marriott/Fisherman’s Hut area to Boca Catalina/Arashi Beach.

Malmok Beach
Malmok Beach

A local recognized the beauty of this area but one thing he found (and I concur) was a lack of a safe area to get into that water. He took it upon himself to do something about it and made some steps out of the (dead) coral. He took his time to make these stairs with chisel and sledgehammer in the hot sun. He started last December and is expected to finish in August. Now this point carries his name (unofficially): “Boca Bubu”.

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