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Critics: Ritz-Carlton Polluting Palm Beach

Recently construction of the new Ritz-Carlton Aruba started. Currently the works for the foundation is being taken care off and the rerouting of the principle road the lighthouse. The rerouting is necessary to accommodate Ritz-Carlton’s new parking lot.

Herein lies the problem. The area this new road is going to be build on – including another traffic circle – is sensitive. It’s a sort of swamp. When it rains water accumulates there and the ground becomes soft. In order to make that area workable the sub-contractor hired by Venezuelan developer Desarollos Hotelco must drain the water with pumps.

Dirty water flowing in Palm Beach [image by Awe Mainta]

The dirty water is supposed to go down the street and evaporates later. I’m not sure where the sub-contractor is pumping the water. What I can tell you is that we’ve just endured two days of serious storms (1 inch of rain in two mornings) and if the dirty water was not taken care off, it washes into the sea, with all consequences. It certainly seems to be the case here.

The project has been controversial and political since the beginning. This project cannot handle any PR mishaps. Marriott International officials (Marriott International owns the Ritz-Carlton brand) must address this issue. They have to meet with the developer Desarollos Hotelco and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Neither the developer or sub-contractors are getting the blame, the Ritz is. Additionally, in the wake of sea pollution elsewhere people are wary on situations like this.

Even if the developer claims that the rain is the culprit, just the fact that people make these claims and the overall perception is bad enough.

Dirty Palm Beach, due to Ritz construction [image by Awe Mainta]

Water being pumped to Palm Beach? [image by Awe Mainta]

By Gabriel

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Why is the Ritz-Carlton poluting the water and beaches with styrofoam ball and pieces comming from the constuction of the new hotel. When I told the construction people they laughed at me and told me to go away.

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