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Cruise Season Starting Soon

Disney Magic in Aruba
A rare September visit of Disney’s Magic to Aruba

As the quiet tourism month of September is mid-way, it’s a good time to start looking ahead for the upcoming cruise ship season. Cruise tourism is a highly seasonal form of tourism. The seasonal part reflects more on the destinations rather than the cruise lines.

During the long winter months cruise lines send the ships to warm areas, such as the Caribbean, while during the summer months, to destinations previously deemed too cold, such as Alaska. Fact is that cruise lines make sure that the ships never are docked for a long period of time.

The shape of a cruise season for a port of call is generally well known way before the season actually starts. Cruise lines announce and publish their itineraries months in advanced. After having an exceptionally soft summer cruise season here in Aruba, expect to see more ship movement in the coming months. As soon as I receive concrete figures I’ll make an analysis.

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