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Daniel’s Steak & Chop/Gianni’s

Earlier in the evening, as a celebration to my birthday, I went dining with the family at Daniel’s Steak & Chop/Gianni’s. Why is there a slash between the two restaurants, you ask? The two restaurants are located at the same building, which is across Radisson Hotel at Palm Beach. In fact, both restaurants share one kitchen.

We decided to go without making any reservations. Upon arrival there was a noticeable lack of parking space, which generally means two things: maybe we should have made reservations and the restaurant must be good!

My wife wanted to eat at Gianni’s, despite it being my birthday, I let her pick the restaurant. When we inquired for seating they told us that Gianni’s was full and within one hour they could accommodate us. Instead of waiting, they offered a suggestion. We could be seated at Daniel’s Steak & Chop. Apparently there was one table available, where we would be able to order from a Gianni’s menu. We accepted. Actually, I was pretty happy for this because I really wanted to eat beef and my wife wanted Italian.

The service was pretty good up until it started raining (so much for my Weather Non-Topic post). The staff needed to scramble and move everybody inside. It was a bit of a chaos after that point. Consequently the service suffered notably due to the chaos. In those situations I’m pretty understanding, therefore I don’t hold anything against the staff. I thought they did a terrific job considering.

In regards to the food, I don’t really have any comment other than it was good. The restaurants certainly did well and deserve another chance on another day. Who knew that a sleepy Tuesday night could have been so busy and chaotic at Daniel’s Steak & Chop and Gianni’s Ristaurante Italiano.

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