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Delta-Northwest Merger And Aruba

Image by Delta Airlines

Earlier this week Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines announced a merger between the carriers to form the world’s biggest airline. In reality this transaction wasn’t a merger, but an acquisition by Delta. The share exchange has giving Delta the majority in the new to be formed company, which is going to be headquartered in Atlanta. Both airlines are expected to remain current structures and brand for the near future.

In the last two weeks a lot of airline news has been out there and this might be the biggest news yet. Such a major acquisition has a ripple effect in large parts of the world, also in Aruba.

Currently, from the major US air carriers only Northwest doesn’t fly to Aruba. However, the Northwest brand has been visible in Aruba for over a decade due to the intimate cooperation there was (is) between KLM and Northwest.

Delta currently flies daily from Atlanta to Aruba and in the weekends from New York’s JFK to Aruba. Delta’s now defunct low cost airline Song flew briefly from JFK to Aruba about two years ago.

I don’t think there will be major changes for the schedules to Aruba after this merger. As a matter of fact, I believe it might be easier for travelers to Aruba to have a smoother stopover in one of Northwest’s hubs en route to Atlanta and then Aruba.

According to the sales pitch the company officials present to the public, this merger is going to be a win for everyone. I’m not so sure about that. Generally painful cutbacks result after mergers. The old cliché is in order: time will tell. Please check out the merger information page by the new company.

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The merger between Delta & Northwest is not going to be a plus unless their schedule includes non-stop flights to Aruba.This is what customers and time share holders going to Aruba want. Not an all day flight to get there. Stopping at different hubs like Atlanta doesn’t make a difference. Aruba is a popular destination.

Helen this article is almost three years old and in reality the merger didn’t bring any changes for Aruba. Delta still flies from Atlanta. The only change is now that AirTran is flying from Atlanta as well. Nevertheless thank you for the comment.

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