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Divi Phoenix Construction Ongoing

Divi Phoenix Aruba
Divi Phoenix Aruba expansion

Divi Phoenix timeshare expansion project is full speed ahead. The whole property includes a main tower and  adjacent, there are four additional – smaller – towers currently under construction.

Last month I inquired with Divi how far the expansion is currently and they couldn’t give me a definitive answer other than “something like 25% finished”. I’m not sure how reliable that figure is, as the person I had on the phone didn’t sound very convincing.

Of the four new towers, the one closest to the main existing building is the one that has the best progress. If the figure of 25% is correct, it means that the inside is still very empty and the finishing phase of piping, tubing and electrical isn’t significant.

In above picture Divi Phoenix is shot from the beach south of the resort with on the left the fourth tower which is the one that is least completed.

By Gabriel

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2 replies on “Divi Phoenix Construction Ongoing”

Hey Gabriel,
My understanding is that the DIVI project is going to be HUGE. And…it may be true they are only 25% completed. If you remember from my blog posting about the timeshare/fractionals happening in Aruba, it is the BIGGEST in the Caribbean – something like 2,000 already approved for construction!!!. Thanks for your commitment to great info about what is happening in Aruba. Until next time…fair winds. Jim

Jim, thank you for visiting this website. Indeed the Divi Phoenix expansion project is big one, especially if you take into consideration that we are talking about 4 towers here. If you add the other Divi projects such as condos at Divi Residences and the construction of new suites at Divi All Inclusive, there is a lot to be done for Divi.

Thank you for the compliment about information.

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