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Divi Phoenix Update

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Continuing on last week’s series of post about current construction at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, today I’m writing an update on Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort timeshare expansion. The construction has been ongoing for months now.

Divi has been using a different method of building. Local inspectors weren’t too sure about approving construction due to the unfamiliarity with the methods. Therefore they’ve asked Divi for some additional information on the material and building methods. For Aruba standards it surely is unusual. Aruba’s building code is very strict in regards to being able to handle storms and earthquakes, despite the lack of history with any major activity of either. More pictures after the jump.

The common method of constructing in Aruba is by using a lot of concrete (poured or in blocks) and wooden frames for the roof. Roof tiles are the most common type of roof top used at the resorts.

An example of a concrete resort building in the area of Palm Beach is Riu Palace. This, June, 2007 inaugurated high rise all inclusive resort at Palm Beach, used truck loads of concrete during the construction.

Apparently, Divi’s engineers seem to think that they have found a better, more efficient way to build.

Let me try to explain, as I see it in the above pictures. Seemingly the whole construction is sitting on steel beams, which in turn are attached on a concrete foundation. The building is covered by metal framing where afterwards sheetrock is going to be attached to the framing. On top of the sheetrock I’m assuming a layer of cement (plaster?) is going up as the walls. Lastly the flooring must be concrete as this will add the final touch in order to stabilize the whole building.

Then again, I’m no engineer and I’m sure lots of smart people thought really well about the construction. They obtained all the necessary approvals, which mean everything is good.

I’m wondering if indeed Divi saved money using this building method, as concrete tends to be the cheapest building material available in Aruba.

Regardless of being different for Aruba standards, the construction is coming along nicely. One tower already has the wall up and is being painted. The others are following.

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

Divi Phoenix Aruba Construction

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