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Spacious Eagle Beach Real Estate

Eagle Beach is quiet and stretched out on the western side of Aruba. It’s popular for its tranquility and accessibility. Real estate opportunities here are in abundance.

Eagle Beach
Eagle Beach, Aruba

The immediate surroundings of Eagle Beach is packed with opportunities for individuals interested in either renting the night, week, month, leasing, selling or buying.

The list of properties (from north to south)


  1. Amsterdam Manor
  2. La Cabana Resort
  3. The Aruban Resort
  4. Paradise Beach Villas
  5. MVC Eagle Beach
  6. Oceania Residences
  7. La Quinta
  8. Jardines del Mar
  9. Costa Linda Resort

Buying timeshare

  1. La Cabana Resort
  2. The Aruban Resort
  3. Paradise Beach Villas
  4. La Quinta
  5. Costa Linda Resort

Buying condo

  1. Oasis Condominium
  2. Oceania Residences
  3. The Sands (project has been quiet for a while)
  4. Pearl Condominium
  5. Jardines del Mar

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