Early 2021: 20% of Aruba Population Vaccinated

The latest update about the efforts to turn the corner on COVID-19 pandemic in Aruba

Aruba is quickly on its way to administer vaccines to the most vulnerable parts of the local population. This after a few weeks officials were able to vaccinate nearly 20% mostly elderly locals.

By doing this, now Aruba belongs to the top countries with the most vaccination per capita in the world. The vaccination efforts at the onset seemed slow, now it’s full steam ahead.

Like other places in the world, here, too, delays are due to the lack of vaccine availability. This is the same in many parts of the world. If the vaccines arrive as agreed with The Netherlands, 80% of the local population should have been vaccinated by June 2021. The Netherlands government wants to be finished with the majority of the vaccination campaign before hurricane season 2021.

Aruba, The Netherlands

As a reminder, The Netherlands is still financing Aruba in terms of pensions, small business aid, payroll subsidies, technical support, additional military security, healthcare support. Thanks to this help Aruba is able to survive this pandemic.

In terms of the pandemic policies, the directives and recommendations are taken from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

For the ones who don’t know, Aruba is a territory of The Netherlands. It has been a territory of The Netherlands for nearly 400 years. Ironically this island forms part of The Netherlands longer than certain Dutch provinces in mainland Europe.

The expectation for the remainder of 2021

Officials insist that if they continue to receive the batches of vaccines, they will be ready for administering by summer, and Aruba should reopen by June 2021.

Cautious preliminary reports suggest that the second half of the year tourism numbers will pick up, perhaps better than anticipated. The receptiveness of locals to get vaccines is high and the vast majority of the population should have received their shots in June 2021.

Local tourism officials have announced that the cruise ship season is resuming operations in June 2021 and with the route St. Maarten – Aruba – CuraƧao – Barbados – Aruba. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Celebrity Millennium is scheduled to be the first to resume operations.

The choice for this route seems logical as St. Maarten is a large cruise ship island with all facilities to be the home port of this route. Additionally, the islands covered on this route have maintained COVID-19 relatively under control.

Officials have mentioned that the ships will only allow vaccinated and tested travelers and will start with 50% capacity.

It is noteworthy that the ship doesn’t touch American soil, as CDC did not lift the prohibition for cruise ships to sail as of writing. The islands on this route are not under the jurisdiction of the CDC.

The Coronavirus in Aruba is an ongoing event, the information is fluid. For the latest, please leave a comment below or use one of the following:

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