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Eco Tourism In Aruba

Ever since tourist started to visit Aruba the common mainstream form of accommodating visitors is by putting them in concrete structures, surrounded by lush landscaping, pools and beaches. There’s nothing wrong with that, as that is seemingly the best way to house visitors. It’s done all over the Caribbean.

A new project was announced recently, which is supposed to be completely different from what we’ve seen so far in Aruba. It is eco-project located in the heart of Arikok National Park. Obviously the park authority didn’t give a permit to build at that particular spot, but the piece of land where the project is planned is owned by private citizens.

In the old days private property was given out throughout the island without planning. In the present we still pay for the poor management of the island’s land during the pre- and post-colonial era. Private property land has not been given out for decades in the present. Due to lack of – modern – legislation, anyone who owns a piece of private property land has certain freedoms to do with it as they see fit.

In this case, it seems that the owners are building something different from what is available on the rest of the island. They seem to be genuine in their intentions to act responsibly towards the park and its surroundings.

The project – dubbed Arikok Green Village & Ecoresort – consists out of 59 timeshare units and 44 regular rooms. Furthermore, the intention is to build this eco-resort to be the most eco-friendly place in Latin America.

The developers appear to be serious in their intentions to make it a truly ecological sound project. Investigations are conducted to learn about flora and fauna in the surroundings, animals and insects. The developers announced plans to restore an historic building near the park and have an above average pay for the staff. Concrete is going to be limited to a minimum, while eco-friendly cultivated wood from Colombia is going to be used for most of the construction.

The old saying goes: paper holds anything that is written on it. The plans seem different and cutting edge (for Aruba at least) and hopefully everything goes according to plan. Reality sometimes has a nagging way of changing things.

By Gabriel

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