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Endangered Sea Turtles Ashore

It’s nesting season for sea turtles again. The beaches are filled with barricades to protect the nesting locations. Even with the help from local turtle protection organization, Tortugaruba, these beautiful animals are still very vulnerable.

Eagle Beach
“Beware Endangered species”

Sea turtles’ conservation status is set at “endangered”. In fact all sub species of the sea turtle is endangered. They can use all the help they can get. Barricades and warning signs for protection of the turtles are common practice in many Florida beaches as well.

Recently a huge leatherback sea turtle came ashore to nest, just north of Tierra del Sol Golf Community. For some reason the turtle got disoriented and instead of turning back to the sea, it went on land inward. After help from volunteers it found its way back to the sea.

Eagle Beach Barricades
Eagle Beach these days

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