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Exotic Cruise Lines In Aruba

Princess Cruises Leaving Port
Island Princess leaving Aruba

Past weekend was a busy cruise ship weekend, yet again. Thousands of people strolled through town, looking for some deals, which is not an easy task by the way. The sight of having many cruise ships in town is not unusual. They come to port in many sizes and colors. Sometimes, however, a few exotics honor us with a visit, such as last weekend.

Smaller, lesser known ships such as Albatros and Delphin Voyager were docked in Oranjestad, Sunday. Saturday I saw an even more unusual ship. In fact, I believe this ship was in Aruba for the first time ever: Cunard Line’s MS Queen Victoria.

Cunard Line’s MS Queen Victoria
Picture from Shot in Denmark.

This ships’ maiden voyage was on December 11th, 2007. Queen Victoria has 16 decks, from which 12 are intended for travelers. It has a capacity to carry 2.014 souls and 900 staff.

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