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Food Prices at Morgan’s Island Aqua Park

Food Prices at Morgan's
Fast food prices at Morgan’s Island

Morgan’s Island water park has been operational for around three months now. Not without glitches. The biggest beef people had with the water park was that is was pricey. A general admission fee of $57 per person was exaggerated by most standards. After a few weeks of massive criticism – especially online – and soft sales Morgan’s Island lowered the general admission fees significantly to $39. Perhaps still high, but manageable.

A recent visit to the water park shed some light on cost of other items, such as food. I find the prices of food to be on the high side. Especially looking at the items featured in the pictures above and below. In all fairness, the prices are in par with local resorts. A hot dog at Black Pearl costs $6.50, while a hot dog at Marriott’s beach costs just over $5. The waiters in the water park are attentive and are ready to take your order.

Morgan’s Island has started a more aggressive approach to the local community as well. They we’re co-sponsor of a group in last month’s carnival, which is very popular with locals and are offering specials for locals on holidays. Representatives are visiting tour operators and restaurants to close deals and are hanging posters around.

Despite efforts, the visitors numbers appear to be soft. Visitor numbers now are much better in comparison to the beginning. Finding the middle ground with the pricing remains a point of concern for Morgan’s Island. Another point of improvement is the training of the staff, especially the ones giving the service to the customer. One thing’s for sure, my kids loved it. That’s a good sign.

Food at Morgan's
Price of fast food at Morgan’s

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