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Food and Retail at Paseo Herencia

Paseo Herencia Fountain
Paseo Herencia central plaza

New projects are sometimes greeted with skepticism and criticism by both visitors and locals alike. The mounting developments that is imminent in the Palm Beach area is generally to blame for the negativity. Paseo Herencia was also greeted with criticism by some local environmental groups due to the removing of uncommon trees in that area for the construction

Paseo Herencia is a retail, food and leisure development, intended primarily for visitors staying at the hotels in the surrounding area. Major clothing brands have established themselves there. On the other hand the most well-known food retailer there is TGI Friday’s. Additionally there is a modern movie theater at Paseo Herencia.

Paseo Herencia has proven to be an addition to Aruba’s food and retail supply, contrary to critics’ expectations. These critics suggested that Paseo Herencia would become a threat to shopping areas elsewhere on the island, with all the consequences. In reality, Paseo Herencia became an addition, with new stores, local art and local shows on the main plaza.

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