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4th Anniversary Collapse Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge in National Park
One of Aruba’s 7 seven remaining Natural Bridges, Fuente Bridge, located in the National Park

Today is exactly four years ago since Aruba’s world famous Natural Bridge collapsed unexpectedly. On a Friday morning it succumbed to relentless pounding of the surf, typically found on the north eastern coast of Aruba.

Adding other elements such as erosion, gravity and its age – about 2000 years old – the Natural Bridge couldn’t handle it anymore. On the day the bridge collapsed thousands of people drove down to the coast to see it for one last time.

Soon after the collapse a discussion started about what to do next. After a short and heated debate among locals, most agreed that the best thing to do was to leave it as is. It’s nature’s way. In the present one can still admire a Natural Bridge there, just to the left of the fallen one. Elsewhere around the island there are other bridges formed naturally such as in the National Park (see above picture).

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