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Fractional Ownership: Anabui

Presentation Anabui at Tierra del Sol

Months ago a new project at Tierra del Sol Golf community was presented: Anabui. The idea is to offer clients fractional ownership of a property. There is a difference, however, with a regular timeshare unit at Palm Beach or Eagle Beach.

The plan for Anabui is to build high-end luxury residences and offer them for fractional ownership starting at almost $150K – excluding costs and taxes – for a minimum of 28 days. A quick calculation learns that a luxury residence has a potential gross revenue of $1.8M for the developers.

Months after the announcement of Anabui, little construction work is visible at on site (look at below picture). Perhaps work is happening behind the scenes meanwhile. Fact is that several other major projects has been put to a – temporary – stop.

Anabui coming
Anabui construction site, with high rise area in the back drop

Anabui coming
Anabui construction site at Tierra del Sol

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