Frequently Asked Question: About Aruba-Vacations

I receive many quick questions regarding Aruba-vacations here at through requests. The questions don’t necessarily fit into a separate category, not even in ‘off-topic’. For this reason I’m posting a Q&A session to answer several questions.

  • When is hurricane season in Aruba? The Atlantic hurricane season starts in June and finishes in November. Despite lack of history of hurricane activity in Aruba, the island’s always vigilant and follows all stories related to hurricanes closely. The closest hurricanes in recent memory were, in 2007: hurricanes Felix and Dean.
  • How common are hurricanes in Aruba? Last year I did a mini (non-scientific) investigation of my own with some answers. If you need more scientific information please visit National Hurricane Center in Miami.
  • Is February busy on Aruba beaches? Beaches are relatively busy in February. It generally depends on the location of your resort, timeshare, all-inclusive resort or apartment. Typically Palm Beach is busy in February. Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach and Druif Beach are generally quiet in comparison to Palm Beach. Take notice that popular beaches get somewhat congested on (local) holidays where many natives decide to go to the beach for the day.
  • When is the busy season in Aruba? The rule of thumb is whenever it’s winter in the North America it’s busy in Aruba. In the summers there are more young families with children.
  • When is low season in Aruba? There are some quiet days here and there, but the quietest period of the year is September. It’s the typical gray area as it isn’t summer and it isn’t winter. If you wish to have a quiet time in Aruba and at Palm Beach, visit September. There will also be many hot deals offered by resorts and airlines during this time of year.
  • What are the best beaches to visit in Aruba when on a cruise? Druif Beach, Punta Brabo and Eagle Beach. All mentioned beaches are calm, accessible and lie within a 10 minute drive from the cruise terminal. Additionally there are some resorts, restaurants, a casino, a 9-hole golf course and some shopping. Taxis and buses are in abundance.
  • Where is Mangel Halto Beach? This is a beach located on the south central part of the island. This area is non-commercialized and offers a great snorkeling and diving experience. Last year I wrote a post about the snorkeling possibilities at 4 locations.
  • What water sports possibilities are there at Eagle/Palm Beach? There are several water motorboats from a variety of companies that offer many activities. There are Sea Doos, jet skis, glass-bottom boats, catamarans, banana rides, tube rides etc. There is no need to make reservations.
  • What are the details on Paseo Herencia Mall? Paseo Herencia means: “a stroll through our heritage”. The theme of this shopping area is presenting a small-scale shopping center which is close to the people (visitors). Additionally it offers a view on our heritage, as the building has some characteristic features from the past. It was specifically build to be small scale. Apart from the regular retail, it also offers restaurants and a movie theater. Several times a week it features a cultural presentation in the central plaza. It is located on the high rise area, at Palm Beach and was opened in 2007.
  • Where does Aruba gets its fresh water from? From the Caribbean Sea. Aruba’s water company pumps salty sea water purifies it and distributes is throughout the island. Last year I wrote two articles on the purification process: Fresh Drinking Water From The Sea and a Follow Up.
  • Are there direct flights from Los Angeles to Aruba? No there aren’t. The best option is to stop in Atlanta, Miami or New York.
  • Where can I rent an apartment across the street from the ocean? Unfortunately there aren’t many apartments across the street from the ocean in Aruba. There are a few to my knowledge: Ocean 105, Beach House Aruba, Sunset Beach Studios and Aruba Beach Villas. If I stretch is a little I could mention Boardwalk as well. On the flip side, private residences are in abundance.

There are tons of more requests in regards to Aruba-vacations; however this is going to be it for now. I’ll start making another for the coming days.

By Gabriel

Informing travelers about Aruba since 2007, and trying to provide value to Aruba visitors.

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Thinking about spending 10 days in Aruba–Aruba Marriott– at the beginning of Oct …what is the temp like then …do hurricaine’s hit …and is that a excellent hotel …we will be celebrating 40 yrs marriage at that time …so want something nice – adult style …??

Many questions, many answers. The temperature in October averages 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit and rains average for the whole month of October 5.6 inches. Typically hurricanes do not hit Aruba, as hurricanes paths tend to be more northern of the Aruba. I’ve written many articles on this website regarding hurricanes in the past. Just browse through the archives.

Aruba Marriott is considered to be one of the better hotels and is perfect for your 40 years celebration. It is popular with a mostly adult crowd. Adult-only resorts are Bucuti Beach Resort and Renaissance Marina Hotel.

Thanks for you questions.

We’d like to do a destinations wedding in Aruba! I’m looking for suggestions regarding the time of year and locations!

Thank you so much!

Hi Sammy, most hotels offer great weddings in Aruba. It depends on the amount of participants, your budget, inclusions and many other details. Time of year, the dryest time of year would be the best, say, June or July. Thank you for your comments.

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