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Future Plans For Aruba Acqua Condominium May Surprise You

Read about Acqua Condominium long and tedious journey to (almost) completion.

As per a reader’s request, I’m today looking at what’s going on at Aruba Acqua Condominium. This one of a kind development is going through quite a journey which I will explain in this post. Let’s learn what the future plans are for Aruba Acqua Condominium.

Historical Context

The big tourism boom in Aruba started in the late 80s and early 90s. Several new hotels and expansion occurred in this era.

There were two particular troublesome developments that were abandoned. Eventually, they were purchased by Marriott and Divi Hotels and finished into their respective brand hotels.

Construction Wave

Another big wave of construction and expansion in Palm Beach and Eagle Beach occurred in the second have of the decade in the 2010s.

Nearly all of them had a fruitful delivery. Granted, mostly after the typical delays prevalent in the construction sector here in Aruba.

One of the developments presented in that time was Acqua Condominium at Palm Beach. Between Holiday Inn and Marriott is one of the last pieces of freely available private property land in Palm Beach.

Project Sold

Before the construction commenced in the late 2010s, the presentation of the project featured three towers of condo units for sale and hotel-like amenities.

Marred with numerous delays due to a wide gamma of reasons, including financial, the whole project was sold in the mid-2010s.

Acqua Today

Since the acquisition of the project by new developer KUAIMARE, the whole scope of the project has changed. The focus is moved from a massive 3-tower project to a more manageable development.

The developer is keen to make this project one of the most sustainable projects possible. By following best-practices of eco-friendly construction, furniture, and operation they are planning on achieving that.

Acqua now features more luxurious units and amenities. Cleaner look and feel of the common areas, attention to detail, smart appliances, to reduce the patrons’ overall environmental impact.

The project has a pre-Coronavirus opening date for this upcoming summer 2020. Due to the current, and unforeseen circumstances, this date is now impossible. Let’s hope for delivery in winter 2020 when finally guests can start arriving.

Some have asked me why the development has run into delays still, including with the current owner.

After having had contact with the developer he states the delays have to do with dealing with legal issues stemming from issues from previous owners. Furthermore, more delays occurred after submission of the revised plans, and consequently the approvals. The last big hurdle occurred due to utility companies being inefficient.

In terms of COVID-19 issues, the construction is waiting for officials to lift the shelter-in-place orders to they can resume work.

Acqua Future

As a surprise to many, the operator of the project is Radisson Blu. This is the high-end brand of Radisson where owners offer their units through Radisson Blu’s distribution channels.

Currently, it is listed as “In Development” by Radisson Blu, but bookings are accepted.

In case you have further questions about Acqua Condominium Aruba or Radisson Blu Aruba, please feel free to contact me below.

The image(s) in this post depict the project as it stands today. Picture shot in May 2020.

The Coronavirus in Aruba is an ongoing event, the information is fluid. For the latest, please leave a comment below or use one of the following:

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