Hidden Beach: Boca Catalina

Boca Catalina
Boca Catalina

When I feature a beach in the section ‘hidden beaches’, it doesn’t mean the beach in question is hidden as such, but rather not visited as much. The unfamiliarity of the beach and perhaps its location are to blame.

Boca Catalina is a small beach by the main road going to Arashi Beach and the lighthouse. This beach perhaps epitomizes the calmness and tranquility the Caribbean is known for, especially in light of rigorous changes many islands are going through in terms of development and growth.

This hidden beach isn’t wide but there is plenty space. It generally doesn’t get crowded, especially during week days. There are in total 10 huts which offer some welcome shade. The most appealing feature of this beach must be the presence of a coral edge on both sides of the beach [see above photograph]. If you are lucky you might see some nice things under the water.

It is relatively easy to get to Boca Catalina. There is a main road just by the beach there is public transport available.

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Asking 2 friendly sunbathers to keep on eye on our belongings, dh and I snorkeled here at Christmas time. We were truly amazed at the number of fish in the water. The further north you head, the more you see. Someone afterwards suggested snorkeling late in the day when the sun is shining on and into the nooks and crannies of the coral edges.

Hi there Lisa thanks for the valuable tips. Snorkeling is very popular among Caribbean travelers but it isn’t always known where people could go to enjoy a nice snorkeling afternoon where the water is shallow, clear and filled with fish.

Therefore suggestions by Aruba-veterans like yourself come in handy, if you don’t mind me using the term veteran due to the lack of a better one.

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