Hidden beach: Rodgers Beach

Rodgers Beach
Deck-view at Rodgers Beach

Above picture shows a nice view to Rodgers Beach. It is not necessarily a hidden beach, as it is very accessible. The problem with Rodgers is that it is overshadowed by its much more popular neighbor: Baby Beach. Rodgers is popular with locals, on holidays, for the rest it is quiet.

If you decide to visit Baby Beach one day and you find it to crowded, try Rodgers Beach instead, which is located just in the vicinity of Baby Beach.

The area where Baby Beach and Rodgers Beach are located was once owned by Americans who established Lago Oil Refinery back in the 1920’s. These beaches were named by Americans, hence the English names. The refinery shut down in 1983, but it wasn’t until 1991 that the area (called Colony) was given back to the public.

The refinery is still there, (now owned by Valero Refinery from San Antonio, Texas) as a backdrop to the both Rodgers and Baby.

The name Rodgers Beach has been changed by some to Cocoa Beach, but purists like me will never call it like that.

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