Hidden Beach: Savaneta

Aruba Southern Calm
Aruba’s Southern Calm: Savaneta

In my quest in finding the best and quiet hidden beaches I found one which isn’t popular but surely is nice: Savaneta. The town of Savaneta was where the high commander of the time established himself. In fact, the first concrete house ever build in Aruba, was for the commander. Because this was the place where he lived first, it became the de facto capital of Aruba. Nowadays Aruba’s governor resides ‘temporarily’ in Savaneta.

Savaneta also became a fisher town. Fishing still plays a major part of Savaneta, where nowadays many people visit Savaneta to get their daily fresh fish at Zeerovers.

To mention a beach at Savaneta specifically as being the best is difficult. There are many spots where the water is crystal clear, calm and quiet. There are several areas where one can swim by the mangroves. It’s just a question of searching in the quiet town of Savaneta.

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