Holy Cow!

Holy Cow
Cattle, today en route to Baby Beach

Aruba has a wider variety of wild – mostly native – animals than most people think. This island features such animals as eagles, hawks, orioles, rattle snakes, goats, bats and owls to mention a few. For more specifics about birds, read last November’s post about the bird sanctuary.

There are a few species of animals which obviously aren’t native to this island, such as boa constrictors, donkeys, ostriches, emus and geese to mention a few. Most species assimilated within our eco-system, except the boa constrictor.

Today while I was driving towards Baby Beach, near Boca Grandi, I saw something I haven’t seen before in the wild in Aruba: cattle. By no means I’m an expert as to what kind of animal this is, I believe it’s a “bovinae”, better known as a bull. I could be wrong. From what I understand in Aruba there is cattle, but all of them are privately owned. The one featured in the picture was accompanied by two others and has some sort of a loose rope around its neck, meaning it has an owner. Weird.

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