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Hot – Cold Developments Right Now

La Cabana Resort Renovations
La Cabana renovations ongoing

Construction at several announced projects continues to progress as scheduled, while other projects has slowed down considerably or even stopped completely. Following a quick list with the hot – ongoing – projects and the cold – slowed or stopped – projects. Keep in mind that this is a snap shot of the situation as of today



  • The Sands (condo)
  • The Cliff (condo – site of the air)
  • Trupiaal Residences (master planned community)
  • The Aruban Resort (low rise timeshare resort)

Bonus: Recently Finished

Update: Added more projects and descriptions.

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5 replies on “Hot – Cold Developments Right Now”

Hi, I wanted to ask a question. I paid for a trip back to Aruba to stay at the Aruban resorts (last year they tried to sell me a timeshare but I wasn’t quite ready so I paid for an 8 day trip back this year) to stay at one of the new rooms. But I read that they got rid of the timeshare department, does that mean my money was forfeited?

The Aruban Resort has been continuously in the news for the last few weeks. Not necessarily for the good reasons. There are internal issues going on between the owners. The resort is still operating as of today and timeshares are still sold, I’ve been told by someone who works there. There is interest by some of the owners to take over the resort completely and restructure the operation. I’ll keep an eye on that resort. Thanks for your comment Teresa.

Gabriel. Awesome site…thanks! I’m traveling down there for the first time for 8 days (4/27-5/4). If you had to choose between two places to stay, would you go with the Mill Resort or the Aruban Resort? I have a reservation at the Mill already and the Aruban just got back to me saying that I could stay in one of the newly renovated one bedroom suites for about the same price as the Mill. I love the new look of the Aruban (not too crazy about floral patterns) but am a bit hesitant to stay there. Any suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! P.S. I also just got an offer for a good deal at the Arubiana Inn but it seems a bit too small. I’m more interested in staying near Eagle beach rather than Palm Beach….should I rethink that? This got a bit long….sorry!

Oops, just saw your post, “Top 5 Reasons Eagle Beach is Better than Palm Beach,” so scratch that last question…..

Hi there Rob, thank you very much for your question. I like the long questions, they carry more details. As for you questions, I have expressed on several occasions that I favor Eagle Beach above Palm Beach.

From The Aruban Resort to Eagle Beach you’d have to cross another resort, La Cabana. From The Mill Resort to Palm Beach you’d have to walk a bit longer to get to the beach. The Mill offer a shuttle service to the beach.

In comparison to the resorts, The Mill is a very nice little and clean resort. The Aruban is a much bigger resort and the new rooms are awesome. If you ask me I’d give the edge to The Mill as of today.

Arubiana Inn falls into a whole different category and the beach is not at walking distance. For what you are looking for I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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