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Hot European Summer Tourism

The other day I read an article about the tendencies of the European traveler for this summer season. Due to the recent fall in value of the US dollars, it makes traveling to the United States attractive to Europeans. According to some preliminary reports European travelers are going to take advantage of the fall of the American currency and massively travel to US hot spots.

A similar surge in European travel is expected in tourism to Aruba due to the fact that Aruba’s currency is attached to the American one, therefore making it attractive for Europeans to visit the island.

This summer there will be additional flights coming from England again, namely London and Manchester. The visitors from the UK generally buy packages for either one or two weeks.

If you are traveling this summer to Aruba expect to get acquainted with Europeans. The area where I’ve seen more people than usual last summer was Scandinavia. This year again perhaps? For the ones who don’t know the majority of visitors to Aruba are from the north eastern United States.

By Gabriel

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