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How Is COVID-19 Changing Winter 2020 Aruba Travel

Learn about the perspective on the ground here in Aruba on COVID-19. How is the situation with tourism for this coming winter travel season?

The short answer is: it’s looking good. It’s looking really good actually.

When the first lockdown began in March 2020, Aruba was hurting. It took until summer 2020 to reopen the island, nearly free of COVID-19.

New rules are there to avoid a new wave. Among requirements a negative test and mandatory insurance were mandatory. Initially, it went well until someone with the virus slipped through and caused the second wave.

The second wave has been crushed and the active cases are under control. This was done without closing down the island, and visitors kept arriving. Not as in previous years, but still.

As of writing, according to the local tourism office, booking to Aruba for this winter and spring from the US is better than initial expectations. Europe is doing better as well.

Only a handful of territories have their borders open for US travelers, especially now that the active cases in the US seems to be surging. Aruba remains open for US visitors due to its checks at the border. The system is not waterproof, but it seems to be working.

Meanwhile, some US airlines have already announced an increase in service to Aruba from major hubs for this winter and spring season.

Most COVID-19 restrictions in Aruba are discontinued. However, there are a few that are noteworthy and it’s applicable to everyone, including tourists.

Some are:

  • Beaches are off-limits from 12:00 am to 5:oo am.
  • Bars and restaurants close at 11:oo pm.
  • Bars and restaurants need to maintain small groups and distance between patrons.
  • Masks are mandatory inside stores and office spaces. Washing of hands is mandatory upon entry.

The Coronavirus in Aruba is an ongoing event, the information is fluid. For the latest, please leave a comment below or use one of the following:

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