Independence Day

Declaration of Independence
US Declaration of Independence

Independence Day, or Fourth of July, is a day of celebrations in around the USA. Almost three quarters of our visitors originate from that country. Did you know the exact story of the about the signing of the Declaration of Independence? It’s certainly interesting if you like that sort of thing. It’s a Saturday, therefore I go completely off-topic on a day I otherwise don’t write.

There is a difference of two days between the signing of the declaration and the ratification of the declaration. The date of the ratification (July 4h, 1776) appears on this historic document therefore became the de facto date of the celebration of Independence Day. Truth be told, Independence Day is July 2nd, when Congress officially declared the independence of Thirteen United States of America.

Little known fact on the other side is which country was the first one to officially recognize the United States as and independent nation. It is believed to be the Kingdom of The Netherlands through one of its colonies. According to the stories US Navy vessel USS Andrew Doria was sailing the Caribbean waters when they entered the territorial waters of Saint Eustace (just south of Saint Martin and south east of Puerto Rico). As a symbolic act the vessel was welcomed by the Dutch governor with an 11-gun salute which is normally solely reserved to greet foreign – and sovereign – powers, thus basically recognizing the United States as an independent nation.

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