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Jardines Del Mar Aruba

Entrance Jardines Del Mar

Side view Jardines Del Mar

Quietly, in the low rise area of Eagle Beach, a small condo project has risen over the last 18 months or so. This condo project is seemingly finished completely and today I checked it out.

As you can see in the above picture it is a private condo, gated all over. The gates are nice and offer plenty of privacy. I’m not a fan of gated communities but the way this 34 unit project is built, really fits the overall theme. The highest this project goes is three storeys.

According to the developer “Jardines Del Mar is one of the last remaining luxury waterfront condominiums”. I’m not sure what this means because technically the project isn’t a waterfront one, as there are roughly three relatively small buildings before it to the beach. The project is close enough (walking distance) to a nice stretch of Eagle Beach. Coincidentally the Jardines Del Mar is located across a 377-bed hospital.

Jardines Del Mar offer several amenities such as entertainment room with pool table and bar, walk path to the beach, barbecue area at pool side, fitness center, low monthly maintenance fee among others. All in all it offers all amenities one might expect in a modern condominium. I haven’t read anything about offering internet. I guess it’s a good thing. This way no one bothers you on your vacation with e-mails.

At the end, I must say that the overall project looks good as the developers kept it small scale and utilized a design they call “Caribbean inspired colonial architecture”. Not sure what it means, but as long it is Caribbean inspired it’s OK by me.

For more information please visit Jardines Del Mar. [website offline]

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I am interested in the condo unit 2 bedroom 2 bath. Can you provide photos, pricing, condo fee’s? Do baths have tubs or just showers?

Do you manage renting out when not in use by the owners?

Please provide information back to me.

Tracey Slattery

Tracey – I have a three-bedroom for sale at almost two-bedroom price. It has three full baths. Please contact me via e-mail. Thanks.

We would like to rent one of this units from dec 25 to jan 1st. I want to know prices and availabilities. We are 4 adults and 2 kids ages 4 and 9.
Thank you and regards

We would like to rent a 2br for Maarch 1st to march 9th 2012 Please let met know if one is available.
neal Thompson 781-771-2115 Boston, Ma

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