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JetBlue Adds Additional Flights To Aruba

Funny clip of JetBlue and a dancer [clip 44 seconds]

Amidst the airline turmoil and announced cutbacks from legacy airliners and charter companies, another airline sees an opening to boots flights. JetBlue Airways just announced an increase of service from Boston to Aruba for this coming winter. Expect additional flights from Boston and New York to Aruba.

On Saturdays there is going to be plenty of choices from Boston to Aruba. Not only JetBlue is flying form Logan, US Airways and American Airlines are as well. Let’s do a head-to-head-to-head. A round-trip ticket per person from Boston to Aruba leaving Saturday October 18th to Saturday October 25th (date chosen at random):

  1. JetBlue: $602.30
  2. US Airways: $665.40
  3. American Airlines: $765.40

Obviously the prices can fluctuate for each individual traveler and from airline to airline. Airlines are notorious for charging extra for everything. I’m not sure how it is for above mentioned airlines, but you should take that into consideration.

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