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Key Largo Casino Opening

The cleanup efforts by Total Services still continues and I’m guessing they are starting to wrap it up. According to reports the casino is supposed to open next week, July 1st.

Apart from the acquisition by Ichan Group this is the first good news this development is receiving in years. The small casino is going to employ about 80 from which most are returning to their old jobs.

Defunct Key Largo Casino
Reports: Key Largo Casino opening July 1st

The other casino building, beside Key Largo, is going to require about 21 million dollars in renovations. This sounds about right. Apart from a carcas, there’s nothing there (below picture). Icahn is more of a casino investor than anything else. Expect something nice there.

Former Royal Cabana Casino
Old Royal Cabana Casino

By Gabriel

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3 replies on “Key Largo Casino Opening”

can you tell me if the key largo casino is open now as of aug 6th 2010 can you get back to me thanks harry

Harry, as of today (6 August) Key Largo Casino is still closed. The clean up was wrapped up weeks ago, but the casino isn’t functioning. Icahn still hasn’t begun with major renovations.

Gabriel, here we are in 2011. Any news about the old Key Largo Casino now belonging to The Tropicana Groop? What is going on? No money? No interest?
About the old Royal Cabana better not even ask, what is a pity!! It was a beatiful and great casino!!! Anyway, please let me know what is news in Aruba ok???

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