La Cabana Update

Eagle Beach from La Cabana
View at Eagle Beach from La Cabana gardens

La Cabana is a time share resort located at Eagle Beach. The resort’s southern building is in the midst of an all-out renovation. The effort seems to be on schedule. La Cabana follows the trend of several other resorts in Aruba that are renovating or have recently concluded a renovation.

This resort has held the title of biggest resort in Aruba for the better part of the 90s and was therefore one of the most popular resorts around. Especially popular among locals was the gym which featured racquetball and squash courts. Additionally it had a steam room.

Formerly, La Cabana All Suites Beach Resort offered several other facilities including tennis, casino and a big water slide. Ever since the split-up with La Cabana Villas – nowadays The Aruban Resort – the resort lacks some of before mentioned facilities.

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I have to say, this page is awesome..
Cuz’ i really love aruba, it’s like my second home.
And i am only 15 years old, but since i was a child i go to aruba. (Like two weeks per year and sometimes 2 times per year)
And i coment right here because La cabana is my resort and, i dont know, just want to say hi and stuff 🙂
I don’t know if u understeand my english, i am from venezuela that why i say to you that..

But, have a good day (or night)

Andrea, I must complement you for your passionate comment. I was planning on fixing some errors, but I didn’t because i didn’t want to take away anything from your expression. Plus, I understand that Spanish is your native language.

I couldn’t tell how honored I’m by your love for my little island. I’m happy for you that La Cabana is upgrading their facilities, this way you keep returning to your second home.

Thanks again. Gracias por tu comentario.

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