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Latest: Divi Phoenix Expansion

Divi Phoenix Construction Update
Divi Phoenix front

Vacation ownership resort Divi Phoenix Aruba is in the final stages of its expansion project. Current structure is expanding with the addition of four smaller towers, adding rooms to Divi Resorts steadily growing business interests in Aruba.

In a broader perspective, this construction closes the physical gap between Divi Phoenix and Westin, with a nice park in the middle, at Palm Beach. Now Divi Phoenix “belongs” to the big name chain of high rise Palm Beach resorts. A few more months and it will be fully operational.

The company behind this project is Divi Resorts. For Aruba standards this company is vastly becoming a powerhouse in the hospitality industry. It owns Tamarijn, Divi Village, Divi Links Golf and Alhambra Casino to mention a few. What’s next? Condos. Divi Residences.

Divi Phoenix Parking
Freshly planted palms and bricks, with Westin in the back

Divi Phoenix North Side
Divi Phoenix, facing Westin

By Gabriel

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4 replies on “Latest: Divi Phoenix Expansion”

Hi Gabriel Thanks for the update, It’s looking good from the photos you have posted and others I have seen on other sites but I hope they also try to clean up the beach in front of the new development as best they can as should they leave it in the state I have been reading about with lots of seaweed on it I can see the timeshare owners of the new development and the original all trying to squeeze onto the original Divi Phoenix beach which used to be known for being the quitest on Palm beach. It still looks quite exciting and can’t wait to get there in November.

Best Regards

Thank you Kevin. I wasn’t aware of a seaweed problem on that piece of Palm Beach. I’ll go and take a look as soon as I have a chance. You made me curious.

Hi Gabriel, Further to your articles on the Divi Phoenix I received a letter on Friday 13th March from RCI saying they have been informed by the resort that “construction work has been extended through to 31st December 2009. This is construction of new towers, 24 hour a day construction”. After speaking to the Divi Phoenix they are under the impression it should be completely finished by August sometime but they will get back to me this week when they have investigated this letter further. Will let you know.


Waw, that’s something else. A new tower? I don’t think so. I find it highly unlikely that a new building is going to rise just like that. Perhaps in the future. Couldn’t RCI have been confusing with another property? I really hope it doesn’t affect your plans this time around.

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