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Latest On Aruba Marriott Renovation

Aruba Marriott Renovation 1
Aruba Marriott front view

Aruba Marriott Renovation 2
Aruba Marriott side view

Aruba Marriott Renovation 3
Aruba Marriott renovation

In the weekend I drove down to Marriott to see how things are going with the renovation efforts. In reality there isn’t much to report other then that the renovation seems to be moving fast ahead. I actually saw staff from a landscaping contractor busy outside, this suggest that the project (at least the phase outside) is in advanced stages, in fact it seems that outside might finished soon. Also, the parking area has fresh pavement.

Meanwhile, on Marriott’s official website, the General Manager’s last update on the reconstruction was on the 5th of November. It seems that you’ll have to work with the information on this site.

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