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Latest: Palm Beach Plaza Stores

Palm Beach Plaza
Palm Beach Plaza grand opening in October 2009

Recently we’ve received a tour around the premises of new shopping center Palm Beach Plaza, located in Palm Beach, near the high rise hotel area, just passing Holiday Inn and rival Paseo Herencia shopping center.

Things have come together nicely there. The last details are being completed as the grand opening is scheduled to happen in October 2009, only a few weeks from now. Just in time for high season.

From the beginning the intention of Palm Beach Plaza officials was to have a balanced list of businesses that was useful for both locals and visitors alike. Today they’ve released a list with the names of the stores that are opening there and I think they’ve have succeded in finding a balance. Following the list:

  1. Shivas Gold & Gems
  2. Tommy Hilfiger
  3. Façonnable
  4. Benetton
  5. San Marina Shoes
  6. Nautica
  7. Sunspecs
  8. Skechers Apparel
  9. Royal Diamonds & Jewels
  10. Monarch Jewels
  11. Guess
  12. Guess Kids
  13. Perry Ellis
  14. Addict
  15. Penha Perfumeries
  16. the Shoe Box
  17. La Chinata
  18. Bianco e Bianco linen
  19. Rimowa Luggage
  20. Muaa fashions
  21. Footfit footwear & Vanilla clothing
  22. Giordano
  23. Basinger Concept Store
  24. Art Fusion gifts
  25. Pixies Bijoux
  26. Candyland Sweets
  27. Tropical World Souvenirs
  28. Panache Swim & Surf Wear
  29. Lulu Body & Bath Products
  30. Mega Plex (8 movie-theater)
  31. Churromania (food)
  32. Chubby Panda Chinese (food)
  33. Sciue Sciue Italian Tapas (food)
  34. Delie International Sandwiches (food)
  35. Mc Shawarma Express (food)
  36. Italian Gelato (food)
  37. Palm Beach Dream Bowl Bowling Alley
  38. Western Union
  39. Post Office
  40. Green Door Spa
  41. Casa Tua Mediterranean (restaurant/bar)
  42. Havana Cigar & Spirit Bar (restaurant/bar)
  43. Kokomos (restaurant/bar)
  44. Hoshi Sushi (restaurant/bar)
  45. Mama Mexico (restaurant/bar)
  46. Mimo’s Ice Cream (restaurant/bar)
  47. Tio Pepe Juice Bar (restaurant/bar)
  48. Sir James House of Coffee (restaurant/bar)

Additionally there will be a children’s entertainment area with a kiddie-train, a rock climbing wall, video game room and a cable slide. Palm Beach Plaza is certainly differentiating itself from their neighbors to the east, Paseo Herencia. I recognize many names that are located elsewhere on the island. It seems like a balanced list.

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