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Latest: The Aruban Resort New Management

Aruban Resort Titles
The Aruban during construction

The Aruban Resort has been continuously in the news the last few weeks and months. Long before the property was acquired by KL Holding Company in 2007 and was part of La Cabana Resort – as La Cabana Villas – there’s always been noise.

Since KL bought the property two years ago and renamed it to The Aruban Resort, the story continued almost the same: a roller coaster. Good news, followed by bad news.

The latest news is good news. After a lot of internal drama finally a new management assumed responsibilities over the operation. Previously, that was a major issue at The Aruban. I don’t know if current management can flip things around, but I surely welcome them and wish them all the best. It’s a nice resort that’s in badly need of good management.

By Gabriel

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