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Lazy Man Concurs

Yesterday I found three deals with three major airlines in United States that fly to Aruba daily. I really didn’t have to look very hard to find them either. There are many more deals out there you just need to search with the major airlines or travel sites such as, or

To add on yesterday’s post I coincidently came across a great piece written by Lazy Man (he seems anything but lazy), who is someone that has just traveled to Aruba. He offers a couple of great tips on how to save money in Aruba. A quick recap of his post:

  • Buy a timeshare (at least try to rent one)
  • Take the bus to go around
  • Rent a vehicle to go to places that are farther
  • Go to the grocery store (IGA Ling & Sons is indeed Aruba’s best) instead of the hotel’s shop
  • Go to a timeshare presentation to get some “free money” like he calls it

If you are a traveler to Aruba, I recommend his quick tips to save money.

It’s not a custom in Aruba but if it is in your country: Happy Thanksgiving.

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Thanks for the link. Your post about the Natural Pool was dead on. We took a regular car as far as we could and then hiked the rest of the way there. My wife likes hiking, but I’m not a big fan, so I didn’t find it fun. It is a little disappointing for the hype that’s around it and the effort/cost that it takes to get there.

No problem with the link. Indeed I wrote about Natural Pool on several occasions to try to “un-hype” it and to explain the way I think it truly is. In my opinion it is nice but at the end it is a hole filled with sea water and small fish. Good luck with your financial endeavors.

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