Leatherback Turtle Confused in Aruba

Recently a leatherback turtle come ashore to lay eggs, as they normally do. However, this turtle was so confused and tired after finishing laying her eggs, that instead of heading back for the sea, she turned inland and got stuck near Tierra del Sol community.

Leatherback in Aruba
Volunteers help a lost turtle back to sea [image by]

The 800-pound sea turtle couldn’t get back to sea, making it necessary for the volunteers to help the poor animal back to the sea where she belongs. They brought a forklift, pallets and even the fire brigade made an appearance to save the animal from a sad situation.

As I’m not so familiar with these animals, so I went to Wikipedia to learn a thing or two. A quick scan shows that the leatherback is the largest sea turtle in the world, they can dive up t, 4.200 feet (1.280 meter) and is critically endangered. For more information on the leatherback, access the Wikipedia article.

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