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Marriott’s Aruba Hotels Future Plans

Questions surrounding the current plans of giant Marriott with its Aruba properties.

As per a reader’s request, I’m looking today at Marriott’s Aruba hotels and resorts. I’m also sharing a few shots I took from the outside of the properties.

COVID-19 has all of Marriott’s Aruba hotels and resorts effectively closed. Due to the inbound flight restrictions, Marriott is not receiving guests. Officially Marriott is open for business, but more about that later.

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Right Now at Aruba Marriott

Currently, Marriott operates various hotels in Aruba. This post refers specifically to Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club, and Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club. The last two are Marriott Vacation Club resorts.

Reportedly Marriott maintains strict contact with local tourism officials as to how to move forward and when to expect visitors. The tourism office, in turn, is in close contact with the Prime Minister’s team. The PM’s office is managing the local response to COVID-19.

An Aruba Marriott spokesperson tells me that they are open for business. The properties are ready to receive guests at a moment’s notice. The resorts are currently being maintained. Landscaping, pools, and other maintenance is currently happening.

From other sources, I understand that administration work is still happening. Deemed non-essential under the current shelter-in-place orders they are working from home.

Aruba Marriott told me that vacation club timeshare owners need to contact Owner Services for detailed questions about their unit.

Arriving Visitors Short-term

Even though the local airport recently announced that it is ready to receive flights again starting June 1st, 2020, it seems highly unlikely that this will occur.

It’s unlikely because Aruba relies on visitors from mostly the East Coast of the US, where it appears to be the worst affected.

Additionally, local officials are taking a very cautious approach in reopening the island, despite the fact that as of today Aruba is virtually coronavirus free. Among the reasons, they do this is to avoid putting pressure on the local health care system by importing the virus again.

The Coronavirus in Aruba is an ongoing event, the information is fluid. For the latest, please leave a comment below or use one of the following:

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