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Marriott’s Aruba Playground Construction

Together with the $40 million construction Marriott International launched a complete website with the plans and progress of the remodeling activities. There is also the possibility to contact the construction concierge with questions. Marriott added a handy FAQ section where it addresses many burning questions.

The presentation of the website is pretty good. Seemingly they cover all aspects of the construction and are very forthcoming with information about the reconstruction progress and any possible inconvenience to the visitors. Apparently in the fear of loosing sales many other resorts that are currently reconstructing are very tight-lipped. It seems that Marriott has so much confidence in its capability to maintain the inconvenience level down that they offer very few special offers or any kind of compensation related to the construction.

Locally Aruba Marriott Resort is considered to be a pretty good “citizen”. Marriott hires lots of local talent in key positions and there are no reported issues with tax transfers to the tax collectors office. Additionally Marriott co-organizes or co-sponsors social events such as beach clean-ups.

For more information visit Marriott International’s website at

New Room Aruba Marriott Resort

Remodeled room at Aruba Marriott Resort [Image from]

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