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Marriott’s Boutique Hotel

Marriott International signed a deal with a designer to start developing luxury boutique hotels around the world under the name Edition. This is the first step for Marriott to enter this niche of hotels.

The agreement with the designer covers 30 projects. The difference between boutique hotels and the regular developments by Marriott is that regular resorts are all uniform within the Marriott standards. Boutique hotels on the other hand aren’t. Every resort is going to be unique and fits the surroundings of the city where it is built in.

Marriott projects to develop up to 100 such luxury boutique hotels in the coming years. The selected cities are: Paris, Madrid, Miami, Washington, Chicago, Scottsdale, Los Angeles and some city in Costa Rica.

Is Aruba included within the 100 locations Marriott plans to develop in the coming years? Perhaps. According to local reports Marriott has shown interest to develop another property on the island in the past. Locations such as north of the current Marriott property have been suggested as was the property east of Renaissance Marina Tower, where currently parliament is located.

It is way too early to speculate any further, but it is fun to take a look into the crystal ball.

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