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Mega-yacht Double Haven in Aruba

Double Haven Yacht in Aruba
Double Haven docked in Renaissance Marina

Last week mega-yacht “Double Haven” docked in down town Aruba. This yacht isn’t a stranger to Aruba it has been here before on several occasions.

A quick search around the internet shows that the owner of this ship and entourage are avid travelers. It’s been everywhere around the world. The last spotted location was in Florida. Another debate is who the owner is. If you know, please let me know.

When we took the pictures, there were many other people doing the same thing. It goes without saying that “Double Haven” is the talk of the town. Welcome nonetheless.

Update 1: After staying in Aruba for about a week, on July 27th Monday afternoon around 1:30 PM, the mega yacht “Double Haven” left Oranjestad Marina. Destination: unknown.

Update 2: Many ask who the owner is of Double Haven. According to a commenter below (thanks Michelle) Double Haven is owned by a business man based in Hong Kong and not a movie actor.

Update 3: Below are a few small images from the inside a commenter provided. Perhaps not very clear, but it gives us an idea. Note: Image removed by request of the commenter.

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I’ve read the same thing online. I’m not too sure about that however. I’ve read elsewhere that Tom Cruise owns it. Oh well. I personally believe it’s been rented. I’m just speculating. Thanks for stopping by.

I don’t think Tom Cruise owns it because there was someone from Hong Kong checking it out earlier today I think.

Thanks for your update. Indeed, someone confirmed that it wasn’t owned by a movie star, rather by an entrepreneur from Hong Kong. It would have been that much more interesting though, if it would have been owned by a movie star. Oh well.

When it left Oranjestad Marine (Renaissance) in Aruba on 7/27, it went just a little north & dropped anchor near Arashi Beach, where it stayed adrift for a 3-4 days. I have pictures of it taken 7/27 & 7/28, it was anchored just across the street from the villa where we were staying. It will definitely catch your attention…beautiful! I’d love to see pictures of the inside!

That would be interesting indeed if we could get some fresh pictures of the inside. If you can share the pictures you took with us would be nice as well. Thanks for your comment.

Someone from Denmark said that this boat is owned by a man from Google, I’m not sure about this, but I’m also eager to know who owns this amazing boat. Please let me know if you’re docking in Philippines in the future, so I can check it out once again. Thank you.

Liv, there has been some discussion about the ownership of this yacht. There is no shortage of rumors. An earlier commenter here knew unequivocally that Double Haven is owned by a business person out of Hong Kong. I couldn’t confirm that independently, however, it seems believable. Thanks for your comment.

This was definitely the case in the late 1990s. How do I know? Well I met him on the DH as I was cleaning it. Seemed like a nice chap. Made his money in publishing I believe.

I happened to stumble upon this page, and as much as I hate to add to the confusion, DH is owned by a middle-eastern gentleman with ties to the oil industry. It is sometimes chartered to businessmen from Asia, which may explain the confusion. Anyway, I had the pleasure of touring the boat on a previous occasion but haven’t figured out a way to post some pictures on here.

At the Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw, I installed the master bedroom and bathroom substructures and finishes as well as other areas on the dinning and lounge deck for De Klerk Binnenbouw B.V. in 1993. I met and discussed those installations with the owner. I did not know his name but believe he was an American businessman with business ties to and with China.

DH is in Grenada last weekend, not sure if she’s still here. But apparently continuing Caribbean tours. Its gorgeous

Thanks for the update Art. Indeed this mega yacht continues to tour the Caribbean islands. Double Haven has been in the Caribbean all summer and perhaps now all winter.

I can tell you now she is owned by an american based out of Hong Kong, I worked on it.
Beautiful vessel, and hello to all on board if you are reading this.

Thank you for your input. When I first saw Double Have I went online to read about it, but there wasn’t much to read about this wonderful boat. That’s why I decided to write a little piece. Now I’m very happy I did and appreciate all the input everybody is providing, albeit sometimes contradictory.

For obvious reasons this yacht really catches people’s attention. Rightfully so. Double Haven and its passengers are world travelers. This yacht has not been seen in the area for some time. Thank you very much for you valuable input.

The Double Haven is now parking at Hong Kong’s Gold Coast and the subtitle name is George Town. I just saw it tonight and as my memory, this yacht is quite offen parking at Hongkong’s Gold Coast and will try to find out the owner’s name …..

DH is back home in Hong Kong, Gold Coast Marina.

Moored next to Ambrosia and Family Day.

At least some years back the DH was owned by HKG based businessman to whom it was build for.

I had an opportunity to visit the yacht once, mindblowing!

It is owned by American entrepreneur based in H.K., publisheer of Global Sources. Double Haven is the name of a local favorite protected bay in Hong Kong waters.

Can comfirm Double Haven still at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo. Looking good and dwarfing everything else in Sutera Harbour.

The Double Haven has been docked in Kota Kinabalu (in the harbour of the Pacific Sutera Resort) for the last couple of months, and departed late june/early july. According to a magazine produced by this resort, Alberto Bailleres (second richest man in Mexico) is the owner of this yatch.

Double Haven is currently docked in Kota Kinabalu (in the harbour of the Pacific Sutera Resort). A couple of cute young guys cleaning the decks!

I just met two couples who live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where the Double Haven is currently docked, ie at The Magellan Sutera Resort ,and they have confirmed the boat is owned by Claude Van Damme. He was apparently here a while ago himself, but not on the boat at the moment.

We are anchored next to “Double Haven” in Boracay, Philippines. She came in Yesterday pm and prior to that was anchored further up the coast. Two of our female staff are desparately attempting to meet some of the crew. We are on a small 42M motor yacht that pales
in significance when compared.

I can confirm that the owner is Merle A Hinrichs. The Double Haven, according to what the crew told me, was worth $120 million. On board I witnessed Ming Dynasty statues of the Buddha encased in glass; the lowest deck has a rather expansive water de-salinization and purification setup. The interior and exterior is rather jarringly white, no spot or blemishes in the color. I’ve never seen anything so elegant in my life. The captain’s name, Steve “something” is an ex-special forces type, and the crew are made up of guys from Queensland, Australia, and the female crew members that I met with were South African. This info is old, from 2003. I met the crew and the owner during an outing in Alaska.

DH is since a few days docked in front of the Sutera Ressort (Kota Kinabalu, Borneo) without any activities.

June 4. 2016 Docked in Juneau AK. Here on Carnival. Saw it and curious about it

Double Haven is currently in Auke Bay, Alaska. She may be waiting for dock space or locating a spot to anchor.

DH is in the Marina at Cabo San Lucas Mexico in front of Breathless Resort. She tied to the gas dock last night. Crew has been scurrying around deck since. 167′ Feadship. Very wide beam of 30.5′ would make for a very comfortable interior. The transom angles down to reveal a +-25′ tender. Pretty cool design. 7500 mile range means the world is truly your oyster.

Looks like it’s getting a complete overhaul here in San Diego, new floors, new glass, new cushions, and that’s just what I noticed in one day!!

Double Haven sailed into the Waitemata Harbour, Auckland New Zealand a couple of days ago.

3 years early for the Americas Cup defence!

Hi Ian, thank you for the update. I had to look up Fitzroy Island on Google maps and saw that it is part of the state of Queensland in Australia. Thank you for keeping this unofficial track of Double Haven going.

Just to keep it going, Double Haven is now birthed at Murarrie, Brisbane, Australia. I took 3 crewies to it the other night… Does anyone here know how much she is worth?, I looked up and found $280,000,000 million does that sound right?

Hi there Craig, thank you for sharing your comment. In terms of the value of Double Haven, I’m not too sure. However, if you Google “280 million dollar yacht” you see a yacht that is supposedly owned by a wealthy person from the middle east, that seems to have the same size as the Double Haven. Thank you for sharing.

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