Merry Christmas from Aruba

Christmas 2008

It’s that time of year again where once more we celebrate this yearly holiday. As the vast majority of the islanders are Christians – Roman Catholics -, Christmas is the most common celebration on this island.

This time of year family relationship prevails above any other. This translates into massive commutes between families across the island. Many families visit church for service, than go home to spend time with the closest members of the family, where a sumptuous meal is enjoyed. Later on Christmas day the commute to other family members starts. Not only the 25th is a national holiday, but 26th as well, which generally function as day to spend with friends. All the above is done in new and formal garments.

I, on the other hand, am not as traditional, or religious for that matter, as most of my fellow islander. I respect everyone’s believes and customs, but I don’t share much of the above traditions. As a young father with small children I like to spend the free time with my wife and young kids, but in a different way. Very informally dressed I plan on visiting my brother on Christmas day to have some barbecue, enjoy drinks and play some Nintendo Wii.

Wherever you are whatever your believes, enjoy the spirit of this time of year.

Merry Christmas

By Gabriel

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