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More Troubles For Defunct Morgan’s Island Water Park

I read an interesting piece the other day in a local news paper about the fate of Morgan’s Island water park, as viewed by former employees. They claim that the bankruptcy lawyer appointed by the courts to function as a trustee, whose job it to oversee the proceedings during the bankruptcy, has been neglecting the water park in such a manner that it’s getting more and more difficult (and expensive) for any interested investors to acquire it.

Apart from not receiving salaries and grants they’re rightfully entitled to, they are also claiming that the park is being slowly dismantled and sections are being sold cheaply, making it harder and more costly for a potential buyer to acquire the whole property.

Morgan's Island Aruba Aqua Park
High admission fees at Morgan’s contributed to its demise, when they lowered it the damage was already done

Recently rumors surfaced about two potential buyers. Apparently they were interested in Morgan’s with the condition that they were allowed to expand beyond Morgan’s current property, thus needing additional land. Officials didn’t like the plans – again, according to rumors – so the buyers backed out. Keep in mind that I couldn’t independently verify these claims.

What I can tell you for sure that every day that passes without resolving the bankruptcy issue, it becomes less and less likely this water park will ever open again. I drove by there today and indeed I saw how parts of it started to deteriorate. The fence started to come down and the attractions are looking bleak in the sun. It looks sad.

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10 replies on “More Troubles For Defunct Morgan’s Island Water Park”

I cant believe such a destination location has failed to put together this water park…it’s amazing to me that no one has purchased and finished this project…what a waste and what eye soarer on one of the most beautiful islands in the carribean

I understand your comment. But I think that this plan wasn’t completely thought through to begin with. The investments seem high and the traffic disappointing with this cosequence. For the time being I’m not seeing a serious buyer coming forward, especially not locally.

I don’t understand this whole Morgan’s situation?

What is the damage that was done?, i’m sad because i was in Aruba during the construction and there’s been like 2 years since i’m not going.
Is this park closing? I was very exited about this…cuz i’m going this year 🙁 :'(

Sadly Morgan’s Water park is no more. It folded after just a year in business. It’s not going to open any time soon. Thank you for the comment.

Not shocked that it closed. I took my 8 year old son there last year & the place was badly unorganized. Rides were closed & then the employeeshad no idea what they were doing. On one of he rides the person at the top of the slide told us to go a certain way & she was wrong & we were lucky neither of us were not injured. It would be nice if a responsible owner could take over the space but looks like from what you write that will not happen.

I just drove past week by Morgan’s and I was shocked to see what’s remained of it. Everything is broken, big parts of the gate is down, there’s dirty water due to rain.

Everyday passes by the faith of ex-Morgan’s seems to be razing.

Thank you for your comment Seth.

It is so sad to see this abandoned water park, every time I visit Aruba. It gets worse and worse each time and has become an incredible eye sore. Was never able to visit during the year (or so) it was functioning. It is HUGE and super tall, and looks like a haunted, creepy, abandoned water park.

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