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Morgan’s Island Water Park Ceases Operations

Crane Lifting Slide At Morgan's
Above picture: better times, construction water park

Today it was announced that Morgan’s Island water park has closed. After just a year the plagued water park shut down. Whether this is a permanent shut down has yet to be seen. I haven’t seen a for sale sign yet. I’m sure this costly project is leaving considerable debt behind.

This water park opened after years of construction delays. When it finally opened it started off on a wrong foot with potential customers by charging a ridiculously high entrance fee, $57 dollars for adults. When prices were lowered the damage was already done. The food and shop prices where considered too high as well. The straw was that slides weren’t maintained accordingly or were out of order.

The ironic part of this story is that one of the most accessed content of this website is about the water park. Obviously there’s demand for a water park in Aruba, perhaps on a different location and better management. I hope a new operator takes charge of this place (De Palm Tours perhaps), otherwise it needs to be tore down before it becomes an eye soar in the low rise area.`

What are the options? There is another water park called Arawa, but this one is focused to locals, offering little resort-like amenities. Unfortunately, the only option now is to swim in your own hotel pool. Despite all the imperfections I was a fan, simply because my kids loved it.

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