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Morgan’s Island Waterpark Aruba Update

Morgan’s waterpark progresses with parking

Morgan’s Island waterpark has been under construction for three years now. Currently construction is still ongoing, with a lot of pain however. Construction isn’t going on a satisfying pace, or so it seems. There have been several issues throughout the life of this project. I’ve been told recently that budgetary reasons are to blame for the failure to conclude the construction.

The plans for Morgan’s Island waterpark include the biggest waterslide in the Caribbean. In fact, the developers set an ambitious goal for themselves by stating that this project is going to be the biggest overall waterpark in the Caribbean. The longer the project takes to finish the harder bigger my fear gets for a satisfactory conclusion of the development.

On some forums I’ve read some critical notes about this development coming to Aruba. I truly believe it is a genuine attraction to what this island already offers, especially Aruba’s youngest visitors will enjoy the park. Furthermore, the local market will gladly welcome it as it offers youngsters something healthy to do. The local youth already complain on the lack of activities for locals on the island. What about the beach, you ask? Their probable answer: “We’ve seen the beach forever”.

Morgan’s slow progress

Little change since last update

Morgan’s with in the back Oceania and Oasis condo constructions

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