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Morgan’s Still Sought-After

Morgan's Island Aruba Aqua Park
Morgan’s Island

Morgan’s Island Water Park is reaching its 6 month point next month and currently is still the most sought-after information request on this website. I thought it’s a good idea for quick update about one of the largest water parks in the region (according to Morgan’s, the largest).

After a very rocky construction phase where work took years instead of months to finish, where funding seem to have been a problem, public relation was abysmal, it finally opened officially in December 2008. When it opened, a wave of criticism dropped upon Morgan’s for the excessive admission fee of $57 per person in the eyes of many. Eventually the admission fee was dropped to much more accepted $39 (still a bit high by some), a whopping 32%.

Morgan’s became more active in the local community by offering many awesome discounts for locals on holidays. They were very active during popular carnival celebrations as well. The PR-effort improved a lot. There are still some issues to be resolved such as a more homogeneous service effort by the complete staff and cosmetic update of the construction (f.e. parking is on dirt). PR still can be improved. Take the website for example, it’s outdated and not very informative.

By Gabriel

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Glad to see you’re back – assuming this is going to aruba beaches.
Regarding Morgan’s Island Waterpark – A great website is required for you to be very successful. Please contact me to discuss this. Email me with your phone number and I’ll call you. First thing you need is a good web address – web name. Take a look at – look at the bottom left – click on the small blue ball to see the fantastic number of hits they get. I would like to help you.
ps will be in Aruba for 1 month towards the end of January. However, I don’t have to be there to work on your website.

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