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Morgan’s Island Water Park Progress

Morgan's Island Update
Morgan’s Island water park picture taken recently on a cloudy day

In the series on the progress of the Morgan’s Island water park project, this is another update on the construction. This project has been characterized by lots of difficulties, as the construction is ongoing for around three (!) years now. Delays were attributed reportedly to budgetary issues. I couldn’t independently verify that claim though.

The reality right now is that construction continues. The construction of the central part of the park moves ahead steadily. This part of the park seems to become operational soon. The much bigger slides (visible on the left in above picture) still needs a lot of work before it is finishes. Are they planning on finishing one phase first, open it to the public, whilst the rest of the construction continues, in order to start generating revenue? We’ll see.

I’ve written several posts on the progress of Morgan’s Island water park on this forum. To read and see the progress over the months make sure to visit the posts tagged with water park. If you are curious about the presentation of the water park be sure to visit the first post written about it at Aruba’s Biggest Waterpark. Meanwhile, the water park’s website is still not live.

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4 replies on “Morgan’s Island Water Park Progress”

Anthony I learned about this project a while ago. From what I understand this water park project is intended for the owners at Aruba Vacation Park. Currently it is gated and closed, accessible solely for owners. At least that is the impression I got when driving in that area.

Plus, judging for the presentation on the website you mention above, it seems to focus solely on Dutch customers, as the page is in Dutch.

Sorry guys, the web mentioned is not the same waterpark in eagle. it’a new one to come in Hooiberg (middle in the island).

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